Nov 092010

The new Bcfg2 VPS is finally setup and active. After a little bit of tweaking, I was able to get the documentation building from the master git branch every five minutes. The current setup is such that the documentation for the latest stable version of Bcfg2 can be found at while the latest development branch documentation is at

I plan on publishing the configuration for the web server soon, however, I want to do this at the same time as the common Bcfg2 repository so that I can finally resolve both these issues. I’m also thinking that it will probably be a good idea to create a debian repository on the VPS so that we can automate the building of packages. Currently our mirror at is very out of date.

My goal is to try and do most of this during the next code sprint. I have found that these types of things are difficult to work on unless I set a specific time. I am hoping that by next year we will finally have a real working example of a live Bcfg2 repository for people to see and use. I think that having these examples will lower the barrier significantly as new users are often tripped up by minor mistakes which can be mitigated more easily if you begin from a working example.

That’s all for now. More to come once I get started working on this.

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